A word of caution

Don’t wish to be alarmist but I had a bit of a shock this morning. The beautiful girl pictured above has recently become a bit of a turn-off. Halitosis does not quite grasp the problem. It was time to investigate, a couple of teeth didn’t look that good but she is getting older. Strangely, she has always eaten raw which is excellent for a dog’s teeth. She has been on very syrupy medication for a while though and I feel this is a contributing factor. Sadly the vet was not of that opinion, basically blaming age. End result, a £600 bill, possibly more if complications arise. Moral of the story, “Tell your dog to look after their teeth and not come crying to you when it’s too late.”

How a Business can Make Money and Be More Sustainable

As we progress, we’re seeing the importance of going green day by day. Global warming is here, and the only way to stop it is by reducing pollution. Many ideas have been brought to the table to facilitate this. Among the most discussed is the recycling business, as recycling is one of the safest ways to dispose of pollutants. For a successful recycling business, you need prior knowledge of the materials to recycle and how to recycle them.

How a Business can Make Money and Be More Sustainable

The green shoots of Spring

If one sees such a title the immediate reaction is a yawn and a familiar feeling of deja vu. Not so this time, for I am talking about a concerted effort to improve my green credentials. Pause for another yawn and a shake of the head. Being my birthday and accompanying the solitary birthday card the realisation that time is becoming more precious as it passes ever more rapidly. Being without offspring or even any close blood relations even I am a little confused by my desire to save a planet on which I have a limited time left to enjoy and unlike previous decades the chances of the nuclear holocaust seem, although possible, a little further over the horizon. No, I have decided that my contribution should start with a reduction in my car use. For this reason I purchased an electric bicycle before the year of COVID and feel that it has been sadly neglected. Therefore I pushed the boat out, metaphorically speaking and bought my own secret birthday present, to whit, a trailer for said velocipede and now I can, if I so desire visit my local food store which hitherto has been a short but ultimately foolish car journey. Walking is fine but not being fitted with four legs, panniers and elongated ears, I could only purchase a half-days rations on any one visit. As they say, “From little acorns, etc.etc.”. You never know where each individual step may take us. It arrived today and my initial reaction was disappointment as it looked rather small for it’s intended use but upon inspection find that it is self-assembly. A task which I have set myself to complete by the end of the weekend. Pictures will follow.